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Pilates Training Programme


Pilates for the Golfer Workshop

Golf is a multidirectional game that is "one-sided". It requires muscle strength, joint flexibility and the perfect balance between mobility and stability.
Pilates is an excellent way to create a strong, flexible body and challenge the core. This will help the golfer to maintain muscle balance, avoid injury, improve alignment, and reduce the impact on the back, hips, knees, ankles and shoulders.

A 3 hour workshop that will give you the tools to practice pilates anywhere. This workshop is designed for all levels, both in Pilates and Golf. You will be provided with an easy to follow step by step manual to take home.

While the following program won’t replace practicing your drive or short game, it can help enhance your game.
A golf pro will help correct technique by altering stance, grip, and hip turn ratio. But the underlying fault in the swing can be in the body. The swing is a hugely intense movement that calls on muscle groups from the head to the feet. Strengthening those muscles can make all the difference in that ongoing struggle to bring your handicap down. Anyone playing regular rounds of golf – at whatever level – should be conditioning their back, shoulders, hips and core. Pilates will give you the tools need to improve your swing and its reliability.

One of my goals was to reduce my golf handicap. I'm delighted to say, I've achieved that (there's still room for improvement!) and I put this down to Pilates. Since starting the class, my core muscles are much stronger and my flexibilty has increased which undoubtely are essential for golf. I also thoroughly enjoy the class! The hour passes by quickly as Sabrina is a very supprotive, encouraging teacher who knows her students limitations and abilities well. The goal is to keep reducing the handicap and I have signed up for more Pilates.

M. Macphail